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Ever feel you are in the dark about digital?  E-commerce headaches and social media angst are common themes among Opal & Co clients, who often come to us because their digital marketing is reactive, chaotic and time-consuming.  For example, they know they ‘should’ be using social media, but it’s very haphazard, and they never really quite know what to tweet about.

A group of forward-thinking retailers grasped the nettle last month and attended an event hosted by interior and homeware company One World Trading. This One World Connect event was simply titled Digital.

Digital Marketing

Browsing the One World Showroom

I went along to their very attractive Chessington showroom with my clients Natalia and Katie from interior design business Natalia Barbour.  The purpose of the event was to offer advice and knowledge from a panel of experts, with a bit of networking and some delicious food and drink thrown in.

This was an incredibly useful event, hosted by a really strong panel of speakers including fashion and tech journalist Rachel Arthur, and Will Ryan and Chris Anderson, co-founders of Electric Labs, a digital agency which lists Sophia Webster, Matthew Williamson and of course One World Trading among its clients.

The Audience was made up of One World’s wholesale customers: online and bricks and mortar retailers who stock the distinctive One World range of elegant furniture, lighting and decorative accessories.  Following quick introductions from the panel, we went straight to Q&A; a chance to get direct answers to thorny questions like “do I need to be on Snapchat”; “Should I try Facebook advertising”; and “Can I social the same content more than once?”

(If you are wondering, the respective answers were “Not unless your audience is”; “Probably: it’s inexpensive to test and very targeted.”; and “Yes! Rinse those assets for all they are worth!”.)

As digital marketing moves so fast, it made sense to ask the panel about The Next Big Thing in Digital.

Digital Marketing

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For me, I think we are going to see a slowdown in individual small business e-commerce sites and a move towards selling through marketplaces.  The mammoth ones of course already have a hold (Amazon, Etsy, Ebay. Not on the High Street); and other smaller marketplaces have tried and in some cases failed to compete, but as it becomes harder to get cut-through and drive traffic to a small site, I think strength in numbers might be a part of the solution.

Anyway, here’s what the panel think:

The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing

  1. Personalisation – the home page, the products you are served, all chosen just for you.
  2. Augmented Reality – see that sofa in your sitting room, before you remove a window.
  3. Payment Mechanisms – wearables, biometrics; all very sci-fi.
  4. Publishing – shop the article; take your product to the customer, not the customer to the product.
  5. Video – it’s already here.  But we need to do it more.

We can’t bury our heads about digital.  You can’t be the person who says “I don’t get Twitter” anymore.

Digital marketing should be at the core of your marketing strategy if you are going to compete.  But that’s the most important point: you’ve got to have a strategy.  Digital marketing can be painful and expensive without one, but once you know who you are trying to reach, why and with what message; it should all fall into place.

And you’ll never run out of ideas to tweet about.


Many thanks to One World Trading for the invitation and a great event.

If you have a question about your digital marketing strategy (or lack of it) add it below, or please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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