The industry experts


We’ve all heard  about positioning ourselves as experts within our industry, and the positive effects this can have on our brand.  You can do this yourself; the simplest way is using a blog, like this one, and social media, to share insight and free useful content that your audience will hopefully find valuable.

However, it’s one thing to call yourself an expert (anyone can do that) but another thing to get third party endorsement of the fact. When you are invited to speak at an event, or to write for a magazine or blog and share your expertise with their audience, it adds another level of credibility to your brand.

So we are very pleased to share this recent PR coverage in the form of a Wedding SOS Q&A that we achieved for our wedding catering clients, Kemp & Kemp.  It appears in the latest issue of Perfect Wedding magazine, and firmly places Kemp & Kemp as the go-to name in the weddings for all things foodie.

Richard & Karen Kemp are deeply passionate about food and always have plenty to say on the subject, making them perfect for this type of brand positioning.  Opal & Co has also recently secured similar Ask the Expert articles from Kemp & Kemp on The Wedding Community website.




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