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Marketing your small business

One of the things that makes Opal & Co different is that we are not afraid to tell you when we think you don’t need our help.

It’s unlikely that you have a big pot of money gathering dust on your shelf just waiting to be spent on branding and marketing, so we need to help you decide what to outsource, and what you can do yourself.

It’s our job to help you get the best return on your marketing spend, and work out where we can add real value, and where you’d be better doing it yourself.

In this spirit, today’s update is a quick read: a recent interview with The B.Loved Hive where I share my experiences and tips for growing your brand-led business.  Discover what you shouldn’t be posting on social media, how to stop journalists deleting your emails and where to find your elusive dream clients.

Click here and all will be revealed.  Happy reading.

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