Branding for Interior Designers

In the last six months we have worked on Brand Blueprints for three different interior designers.  You may think this would become repetitive, or even create a conflict of interest, but actually the opposite is true.

Your Brand Blueprint isn’t an off-the-shelf personality that we slap onto you like a mask.  It is something that we uncover from within you, gently chipping away at the layers and carefully teasing out what we find to reveal the heart of what your business is all about.

The fact that each of our three interior designer clients is now the proud owner of a completely unique Brand Blueprint, and more importantly, its own confident space in the market, proves this point.


Phoebe Oldrey who runs Smart Style Interiors is obsessed with how an interior space works for her clients, because of the proven links to our well-being.  For Phoebe, we named her approach Holistic Interior Design, and developed a grounded, approachable and uplifting brand.

By contrast, Jane Ashton‘s clients are smitten with her glamorous, fun interiors; a distinctive signature style that we called Lived-in Luxe.   Our third interior designer, Hilary White, is yet to unveil her new brand and visual identity so we are keeping it under wraps for now, but I can tell you that it will be another one-of-a-kind brand.



Working on a Brand Blueprint is a very creative process, and in some ways very similar to delivering an interior design project.


It can sometimes be hard initially for our clients to visualise what they will actually get at the end of the process, but when they put their trust in us, and we work hard to understand their motivation and personality, the end result exceeds all expectations.

One of the comments we most often hear from our Brand Blueprint clients is “you took everything that was in my head and made sense of it“, or words to that effect.   Whether you are an interior designer creating a room scheme or a consultancy designing a brand, interpreting what makes a client unique and articulating it with clarity and flair is what it’s all about.


Image thanks to @alexandragorn

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