Defining luxury & a working lunch

Welcome to Friday peeps!  Hope you have time for a quick peep at these highlights and musings from my week.


Defining luxury


On Tuesday, Elizabeth Solaru and I put our heads together to on the subject of luxury wedding marketing. Elizabeth runs Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, and she will be taking part in the panel discussion I am hosting at the Bridelux Symposium later this month.

It was a fascinating chat, and Elizabeth was refreshingly honest about the reality of working at the ultra-high-end of the wedding industry.  She certainly dispelled some of my pre-conceptions and I think the panel discussion is going to be truly insightful.  Joining Elizabeth on the panel are: Tamara Lohan, CTO and founder of Mr & Mrs Smith; Emily Synder, VP of Global Sales for Mandarin Oriental; and celebrity florist Rob Van Helden.   Exciting stuff.

(c) Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium


Where the magic happens


Yesterday I had a phone call from an old friend and colleague from the wedding industry.  We used to work together regularly when I ran my jewellery business years ago, but we haven’t spoken in a while.  She called to pick my brains, and asked if I could put her in touch with anyone who might be able to help her with a business project she has in the pipeline.

It didn’t take long for me to come up with a list of lovely clients who I knew would be happy to take her call and share their wisdom, ideas and support. I felt very blessed.  Blessed to be working in an industry rich with creative talent, and grateful that my clients become more than just clients: they are part of a strong, supportive network that we can all tap into if we only think to ask.  And this is when the magic happens.


Mmm, moist


How’s that working for you?  Earlier this week, I had to take a firm hand with a client of mine, and forbid her from ever using the word moist in her marketing materials again.   Research suggests that a significant amount of people have a strong aversion to the word, finding the sound and the meaning of it disgusting, even repulsive.

I have strong opinions on some words, but funnily enough moist actually doesn’t bother me.  But I figured, why take the risk?  Write the word “barf” in the comments below if you are a moist hater.


Working lunch


Can you bear to segue straight from moist into lunch?

I was able to nourish my tummy and my soul today at a fabulous working lunch hosted by The Inspiration Space at the Main House in Guildford.  During this intimate and friendly gathering, Clare Watson, the creative fireball behind Turmeric House, shared her journey through an enviable range of creative fields from Anthropology to London Fashion Week, to today, where she conjures visionary experiences for businesses large and small.  Clare’s sparky courage to try new things is infectious, and the lesson?  Don’t box yourself in.

(c) Turmeric House


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