New Year Brand Makeover

Hello! Can it really be November?  Depending on the type of business you run, you’ll either be catching your breath after the summer silly season, or you are up to your neck in tissue paper and ribbon gearing up for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Black-Blooming-Friday aside).

Either way, I thought you might appreciate some quick branding tips that you can squeeze in before January, designed to re-energise your brand and your enthusiasm for the new year ahead.


  1. Write down your brand objectives for the year. What do you want your brand to become really well known for in 2019, or what did you do well last year that you’d like to build on?  Setting some clear goals for the year will help you focus on where you want to get to.  Make sure you share these with your team, too.


  1. Do a website audit. Using your goals as a guide, check through every page of your site, first of all looking for out of date offers, broken links or anything else that is making your site look unloved. Then, have a look at your copy and images with a fresh pair of eyes: what are they saying about your business and your products and does it still fit with your brand objectives?  Test your enquiry forms, checkout and other customer service apps to remind you what it’s like to be a customer or a client.


  1. Review your product or service range. Are you proud of everything in your range, or are you still clinging to old designs that should really have been discontinued by now? Do you offer services that no-one buys or you don’t enjoy delivering?  Don’t try and be all things to all men, and be brutal with anything that doesn’t fit the profile or support your goals.


  1. Check your automated emails. These are the emails that are triggered when a customer or client joins your mailing list, or by other activity such as checkout. If they feel stale or bland you may want to add some seasonal touches, although if you do this, make a note in your diary to update them again in a few months’ time.


  1. Update your social media profiles. Change the webpage you link to on Instagram, tighten up the descriptions of what you do and update any other out of date information on Facebook and Google like email addresses or opening hours.


We run half or full day Illuminate your Brand strategy sessions which will help you get your brand and marketing priorities in order and give you a clear action plan to follow.  Contact us for more information and rates, or click here to see a case study.


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