Naming a business & rescuing a website

Naming a business and rescuing a website

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The Name Game

I love all sorts of writing projects but I particularly enjoy naming businesses.  Let’s be honest, naming a business is quite a big deal, probably only third in place to naming a baby or a dog, so I am always thrilled to be trusted with the task.

As with a lot of brand writing, the challenge is to chip and craft away until all we are left with is something perfectly honed, beautifully formed, which captures a feeling and radiates the values of the brand.  Oh, and it helps if the domain name is available too, so no pressure.

Last week I met with Lizzie Liebenhals of Halls & Halls to discuss the naming of her new venture, and over scrambled eggs and smoked salmon we unscrambled the vision and values for her new business.  The new name is now in the pipeline, ready for its final polish, and I can’t wait to unveil it.  Make sure you follow @hallsandhalls for updates.


Website Rescue

Talking of unscrambling, last week I completed a very satisfying website rescue project. The lovely client and patient web developer had reached a stalemate and needed a few issues unblocking before they could finish and launch the new site.

If you’ve ever developed a website and found it painful or disappointing, you may relate to some of these problems.  Busy client struggles to articulate a clear brief for the developer, and can’t find time to properly project manage the build.  Developer has to second guess, misses the mark (because there wasn’t one), and everyone ends up frustrated, behind schedule and disillusioned with the whole process.

Because I have been through this process many times with many clients, it was relatively straight forward to define what the developer needed, in terms that would meet the business objectives of the client.  With the fog now lifted, everyone is pulling in the same direction, clear about the vision and excited about the end result.


The Inspiration Space

I’m loving being part of this refreshingly different business network, meeting many new people but also having a place to connect with people I already know but might have otherwise lost touch with.

The Inspiration Space is run by Liana Fricker, a real firestarter who encourages all her members to think bigger and expect more.  She is bursting with energy, sometimes bossy, but won’t let her chicks settle for less than they are capable of.

I’m very flattered that Liana has invited me to be one of the mentors on her intensive Business Bootcamp programme, and I will be working with the 20 club members who have signed up to show them how they can illuminate their brands.  The course has already kicked off, and my session takes place on December 12th.  I can’t wait; it’s the perfect time to get your brand polished for 2019.

If you missed out on a place, you can book your own Illuminate your Brand half or full day strategy session.

Wedding Converse PR

And finally… This month we complete a three month PR burst campaign for, and we are really pleased with the level of coverage achieved including the Daily Mail, You & Your Wedding and Wedding Ideas, plus coverage by influencers including Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn.

A case study will be going up soon with more information, but if you are interested in a short, sharp wedding PR campaign, contact us now for new year availability.


Wedding PR

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