Go on, broaden those horizons


The Magpie Anthology is a new digital blogzine embodying the delights of the near, far and further


I can barely find time to write for my own blog, but when The Magpie Anthology asked me to contribute to their new blogzine (yes, that’s a thing) I was very happy to oblige.

Their February issue is out now, and includes musings on food, travel, lifestyle, the arts and creativity.  Founded by photographer Chrissy Taylor and writer Amber Beard, its a delicious concoction of intelligent articles and inspiring images that will broaden your horizons and get you thinking outside of your usual echo chamber.

Explore the Festival of Colour in India, take an arial tour of the British coast by drone or hang out with Benadict Cumberbatch; all this plus plenty more tasty nuggets of goodness.

My article is called Why comparison kills creativity.  It’s a quick 2 minute read, so please pop over and see what you think.



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