It’s only words

I'm a Pussy by Jordan StephensMy latest read is this essay “I’m a Pussy” by Jordan Stephens for The Pound Project.

Jordan is the Rizzle in Rizzle Kicks (hey fellow 40++ mum friends, remember that catchy tune with the nice Olly Murs chap?!) but he’s also a writer and mental health awareness campaigner who has spoken openly about his journey through depression and substance abuse.

This essay caught my eye because it is about words, and the power or limitations created by the language we use.

When we dig deeper into some of the language that surrounds us in the playground, the work place or rap music, guess what? Hyper masculinity and misogyny is still at play, and Jordan makes the connection between these nonsensical terms with pain, fear and mental illness.

Incase you were wondering about the title, he makes the very strong argument that using the term “pussy” to describe something weak or fearful is counter-initiative, considering the “sheer strength and fearlessness that women display every time they give birth… This incredible act of selflessness is the reason that any of us can breathe.”

You can see why I like this essay, right? There’s loads more good examples of crazy language included, and by calling out the nonsense Jordan is hoping we can find a way to celebrate rather than demonize the language of femininity.

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