Furbulous pet puns

Itch Pet

These posters were the best thing about my tube journey yesterday.

Created by ad agency NOW for flea treatment revolutionaries Itch, these guys clearly love a pun as much as I do and have pinned this endearing campaign on the simple power of words (and some irresistible puppy eyes).

There are too many executions of this foxy idea to count, featuring different cats and dogs.  Check out @itchpet on instagram to see if your favourite breed is featured.

I can only imagine the deep joy of the copywriting team once they hit on this idea: a good day at the office by any standards.

Brilliantly simple, I think they deserve a round of appaws. (Weak I know, but they’ve used all the good ones and I’ve got work to get on with.)

Have a furbulous day!

Itch Pets



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