The secret power of great brand copy



Here’s what I know.  Great brand copy is not a commodity, its a conductor.

It’s the wind beneath your wings that is often an afterthought but should be right up-front in the driving seat.  I admit it, it’s a bit gooey compared to the eye-candy of pantone palettes or a deliciously sensual script font.  But those brave souls that dive into the brand voice barrel will reap rich rewards for sure.*


Try telling the world about your brand without words.  Tricky.


Words are absolutely fundamental to branding and the best place to start if you feel your brand needs work.

Once you compose the language of your brand everything starts to sing in harmony.  Your tone, message and vocabulary come together in a persuasive arrangement that your audience will instinctively tune into.  It’s really powerful stuff.

Great copy lets you speak about your brand with clarity and confidence.  No waffle.

Conversations with clients flow effortlessly.

Your website will be punchy and gratifying for visitors to explore.

And you’ll never be lost for words on social media again. You’ll know exactly what to say.


Crucially, you’ll also be equipped to effectively brief your graphic designer or photographer on visuals for your brand.


So often I see brands produce great-looking visual identities that could in fact belong to any brand.  To do something truly distinctive that you can fully own, you need to be able to explain what makes you special.  In words.  Horse before cart.

Great copy will do so much more for you than fill space on your website.  It will uplift you, enlighten you and liberate you from waffle forever.


*DISCLAIMER: Great brand copy will not make you instantly richer and thinner.

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