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This week sees the launch of a brand new podcast from garden designer and psychotherapist Sarah Layton. With the world in lockdown because of COVID 19, I don’t think it could have arrived at a better time.

My Garden, My Life is a series of conversations with women which begin with their gardens, but meander high and low through all sorts of subjects such as wellbeing, nature, creativity, personal space, body image, perfectionism, feminism, social history and more.

I was excited to share some of the history of my garden with Sarah, and what I have discovered about the fascinating writer who owned it a hundred years ago.


Sarah and I first worked together back in 2018 when I helped her find her voice for her garden design business, Growthfully. As is often the way with my lovely clients, I have enjoyed staying in touch with Sarah so I was excited to join her on the very first episode of her podcast.

I’m naturally quite a private person, so it’s credit to Sarah’s gentle and attentive questioning style (that’ll be the therapist in her!) that I felt able to talk about some quite personal and painful areas of my life, including my physical and mental health.

I think what is fascinating about this podcast is that it uncovers how our gardens support us in ways we don’t even realise.

Talking about how we love and nurture our outdoor spaces leads us to think more widely about how we in turn love and nurture ourselves. This week, the combination of self-isolation and glorious spring sunshine has found me out in the garden every day, quietly weeding and pottering about with the sun on my back. The bird song has been triumphant, especially without the usual background hum of road noise. Gardening has helped to calm and soothe me when the anxiety about all the uncertainty creeps in.




I’ve added some pictures below to illustrate our chat. I really hope you enjoy listening, and that you feel inspired to get outside and connect with whatever is growing around you.  Happy gardening.


These beautiful images are thanks to Suzannah Ginders.

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  1. Sarah Layton 25th March 2020 at 6:58 pm

    Ah thanks for chatting. You were a delight. It’s lovely to hear how much you love your garden and it looks really gorgeous in these pics.


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