About Clare Yarwood-White

I founded Opal & Co in 2016 to help small businesses talk and write about their brands more effectively.

I’m a writer with lots of ideas; I spot what makes your brand special, then give you the language you need to tell the world about it.

Design, literature, history, art and theatre all float my boat and help me to create vivid and memorable words that explain your story.

I’ve been in this business for quite a few years now, so I’ve built up a network of talented specialists who are a pleasure to work with, including graphic designers, web developers, photographers and publicists.  I’m happy to recommend the right people for your projects; feel free to drop me a line for some recommendations.

I’m not a fan of malarkey, hogwash or bunkum, so do my very best to work with honesty, integrity and respect.

I’ve always worked in marketing and communications; in my early career with big-name brands like Sony and Nike at global advertising group WPP.  Heady days of work hard, play hard, but creativity was calling, so I took a bag of beads and a leap of faith to start my own jewellery brand: Yarwood-White.

My jewellery was stocked in Liberty of London and we won a number of design awards. Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue are a couple of the big names who wore my designs.

Next stop: motherhood, and in 2012 with two little boys filling my world I sold my jewellery business to create some space.  I took a moment to catch my breath, and then the writing work started to come in.  Nature abhors a vacuum, apparently.

I can’t live without: Audible, peanut butter, musical theatre, Yoga with Adriene, The Archers, Sweaty Betty leggings, book shops, seafood, my family. Oh and coffee of course, but I know that doesn’t make me special.

I love getting people to explain their jobs in unnecessary detail.  I have a terrible memory and can only function because of prudent planning and meticulous list-making (thanks, Trello).

I’m always curious to know how something was made, and big productions blow my mind (Who ordered the clipboards? How often do they clean the costumes?) A poem, a vase, a cake or a song: I’m in awe of people who painstakingly create and then bravely share their work with the world.

Jane Ashton, Period Home Designer

“Clare totally got me and has articulated my brand beautifully.”