12 Mar

The Experts Discuss Luxury Marketing

Watch the video of my panel discussion at the Bridelux Symposium last October, featuring four incredible luxury brands.  Loads of great tips from the experts on how to create your own distinctive luxury brand. Luxury Marketing Panel | Bridelux Symposium 2018 | Bloomsbury Films ® from Bloomsbury Films ® on Vimeo.
19 Aug

A simple way to make your new website brilliant

You’ve made the decision.  You are going to bite the bullet and get yourself a new website.  Your developer comes highly recommended and you love her work.  You are excited about getting rid of your stale old site and launching a new online home which makes you feel proud.  What could possibly go wrong?...
31 May

Young & Mighty Book Launch

Teenagers really love it when you talk about them as babies, right? Oh good. So, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Henry Patterson since he was a super-cute baby.  We share a love of musical theatre, and he has the singing talent that I know I should have been born with.  He was remarkable...
15 May

Photoshoot with Eddie Judd at Fetcham Park

I don’t exactly love having my photo taken, but when I realised I was still using a headshot taken at a baby shoot 8 years ago, I thought I’d better start practicing what I preached when it comes to personal branding.  I booked myself onto one of Eddie Judd‘s headshot sessions at Fetcham Park,...
08 Feb

Branding for Interior Designers

In the last six months we have worked on Brand Blueprints for three different interior designers.  You may think this would become repetitive, or even create a conflict of interest, but actually the opposite is true. Your Brand Blueprint isn’t an off-the-shelf personality that we slap onto you like a mask.  It is something...
26 Jul

Phoebe takes TEDx by storm

We are bouncing with joy to see our client Phoebe Oldrey presenting so compellingly at TEDx Royal Tunbridge Wells this month. We have been working with Phoebe and her business, Smartstyle Interiors, to refine her brand and marketing communications, and are very excited about her refreshing, holistic approach to interior design.  Phoebe had an...
07 Jul

The ITV This Morning Wedding

We are very pleased to have secured this significant PR exposure for our client Shropshire Petals. Happy couple Sonya and Paul wed live on TV at The View From The Shard in London last Thursday. Shropshire Petals supplied confetti pop boxes for the wedding, and the coverage includes a valuable credit and a link to the Shropshire...
14 Oct

Messing with the logo | How does Google get away with it?

    You’ve probably noticed how Google brightens up our day from time to time with one of it’s cheery or educational customised logos.  Google calls these illustrations “Doodles”, and the artists who create them are “Doodlers”.  Today they are celebrating the life of Mary Seacole, and are using the image shown top left.  ...
07 Oct

Authentic brands: the real advantage

Competing against the big boys can be draining, but there are some areas where small businesses have a hidden advantage, and building an authentic brand is one of them. What is an authentic brand? An authentic brand does what it says it is going to do.   Of course, by definition that will vary from business to business,...
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