07 Oct

Authentic brands: the real advantage

Competing against the big boys can be draining, but there are some areas where small businesses have a hidden advantage, and building an authentic brand is one of them. What is an authentic brand? An authentic brand does what it says it is going to do.   Of course, by definition that will vary from business to business,...
01 Oct

Experiential Marketing

For months we have been working with our client Natalia Barbour on preparations for Decorex, the flagship event in the interior design calendar. We didn’t want this to be just another exhibition stand or just a display of furniture; we wanted it to be an experience. We wanted experiential marketing. Natalia was promoting a collection of...
15 Aug


We recently launched the Opal & Co Christmas PR Club, and it has got everyone talking about PR. We thought it might be helpful to share some of the questions that we have received from clients, to help you get to grips with your own PR strategy. Q. Do I need to do PR? That depends on...
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