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Sometimes you just need some time and space to focus.  An Illuminate your Brand session will give us the chance to work through your plans, untangle anything that’s causing confusion and set some clear priorities.  Next, we’ll agree a practical action plan, and we’ll give you all the tips, tools and contacts you need to move things forward.

Spend a half or full day with Opal & Co and we will uncover all the hidden gems nestling in your business.  An Illuminate your Brand session gives you practical, tactical ways to brush up your brand, plan your marketing activity and reach your goals.  It will boost your confidence and re-energise your business.

Agnes Walker Jewellery

Abby Gadd, Agnes Walker

“Working with Clare on my marketing strategy has given me confidence to move my brand forward in a direction and manner that feels true to my ideals and aesthetics. It’s about real practical advice too, getting systems in place that will work for me.”