The passing of time is woven into the fabric of Agnes Walker. Rich with heritage, their couture designs are heirlooms for the future.

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“Working with Clare on my marketing strategy has given me confidence to move my brand forward in a direction and manner that feels true to my ideals and aesthetics. It’s about real practical advice too, getting systems in place that will work for me.” Abby Gadd, Agnes Walker


Jewellery designer Abby Gadd was in need of a quick but powerful project to get clarity and focus on her marketing plans.

As is often the way with designers, much of Abby's time and energy is poured into creating her incredible jewellery and accessories, leaving little time left for planning ahead on sales and marketing.

Abby made the smart move to bring in Opal & Co, and now has a clear set of priorities for her brand strategy, social media, commercial collaborations and even some clever tricks for managing and measuring performance of her business. Plans for 2019 are now looking as bright and beautiful as her designs.


“Marketing Strategy”


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