Sometimes you just need something done quickly and well, and this is a good example of a small but very important piece of writing that was worth doing properly.

I was delighted when Anna from ALSO Home got in touch as I am a long-term fan of her beautiful brand. Anna needed help writing an information piece for her trade customers. She knew what she needed to say, but felt she was going round in circles trying to get the message across clearly.

We began by putting ourselves into the shoes of the reader and asking what matters most to them? Once I had agreed a structure for the piece with Anna, I cracked out some pithy copy that was confident and warm, and got straight to the point. Our readers are busy people who are unlikely to go through our letter with a fine tooth comb, so we used lots of clear headings and a flow that would still get the important points across, even when quickly scanned.

The whole job was completed in just three days from enquiry to sign-off, and Anna was all set to send her letter.


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