This is more that just garden design; Sarah will help you connect with yourself and grow with your garden.

Growthfully garden design

“I loved working with Clare on my social media strategy. She really took time to get clear what the nuances of my offering are and to ensure that I capture that in whatever I put out online. It has been a very interesting process and a couple of months on I realise how useful the process was for me. She de-mystifyed the process and I have a much clearer sense of what I’m doing which gives me confidence. My following is building… watch this space!” Sarah Layton, Growthfully


Growthfully garden design


Sarah Layton is an experienced garden designer and qualified psychotherapist. She has combined her passion for gardens with her love of people to create a brand new garden design business.

Sarah helps her clients to create a dream garden, revealing along the way how the experience can help them fulfill their potential and enhance their well-being.

Following the development of her brand identity, we worked closely with Sarah to define her plans for marketing the business. Sarah had very clear ideas about what she wanted to say about her brand and her services, so we created a practical marketing plan to help her reach her target customers and communicate clearly to them just what makes Growthfully so special.


“Marketing Plans”


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