Judy Laing Portrait Photographer 2


“Clare has an amazing knack of understanding you and your vision. She was fantastic at helping me clarify my brand message, created beautiful copy for my website, and wrote gorgeous client brochures. Why did I not hire her years ago?”







Judy runs a busy portrait studio in Aberdeenshire where she takes beautiful photographs of babies and families. Her website and sales documents had grown organically alongside the business, and she felt it had all got a bit unwieldy, with too many sources of information, different formats and mixed messages.

Time for a clean up.

Judy is a very calm, organised person, and her studio images reflected this. This became my starting point for a more elegant and aspirational approach to her copy. Like many photographers, she was very focussed on the details of the shoot itself, whereas her customers are actually buying something that lasts much longer: a unique piece of art that will become a treasured family heirloom. (I don't use the word unique lightly, but here it really does fit the bill.)

I took a number of steps to refine how Judy was talking about her business. First was how she refers to herself. By calling herself a 'portrait photographer' we are focussing on the artistic merit of her work right from the start. I also recommended she take the copy off the banner on her website home page, letting the pictures shine and giving our words more room to breathe further down the page.

Where possible I reduced the number of words used to make the copy more streamlined, calmer and aspirational. Large blocks of text can be like barriers to readers - often our eyes will just skip over them rather than plough through.

We used humour and plenty of warmth to make sure Judy's sunny personality still shone through. I also helped curate the images and copy layout on site to make sure the messages were being reinforced visually. The overall result is a website and a series of digital brochures that are elegant, attractive, cohesive and clear.


Hello, I am Judy, a portrait photographer based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


Being a parent is fast-moving, ever-changing, heart-squeezing and all-consuming. Blink and you can miss the magic.


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