planet plant-based


It's always a good day when I'm writing for Planet Plant-Based, and not just because I get to drool over their incredible food photos.

The brand is run by Ida Hemmingsson who is one of the most wholehearted and energetic people I know. Ida works tirelessly to promote the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet through her incredible range of products and recipes.

Ida’s recipes are colourful, highly nutritious and surprisingly simple. Her amazing nut butters have changed my life. If you haven’t put cashew butter in a smoothie, you haven’t lived. But back to the writing.

Ida is based in Germany and sells her products across Europe and the UK. Ida is Swedish, and fluent in a number of languages. One of the things I have been helping her with is polishing copy that has been translated into English, and has lost something along the way. I've also created brand copy in English which captures the key messages and tone, and is then translated into German. (Ahem, not by me, in case you were wondering).

I’ve been writing brochures, product leaflets, emails and social media content since August 2019, and Ida comes back to me on a regular basis as she launches new products and promotions.

"This is seriously good, thank you. I love the non-struggling process of working with you."


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