Shoot edit chat repeat 2


Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd host Shoot Edit Chat Repeat, the popular podcast for people photographers.

They asked me to help them write a personality quiz that could be used to drive engagement on social media and sign ups on their website.

Ten fun and snappy questions (see what I did there?) made up the body of the quiz and I wrote these to be entertaining but also not too revealing - we didn't want the answers to be too obvious. Then using Vicki and Eddie's insight, and my own experience of writing for photographers, I defined five different personality types for photographers with funny-punny names like The Shooting Star and The Affable Snapper.

The quiz has been a big hit and has generated plenty email sign ups as well as lots of activity on social media as people enjoy discovering and then sharing their results.

This was a smart marketing idea, executed quickly and effectively. It took just seven days between Vicki and Eddie contacting me to the quiz going live.

"We’ve had hundreds of sign ups from the quiz already in just a few days, you did a brilliant job Clare."

"It's going down a storm! People are loving it and saying the descriptions are spot on. Amazing to work with you Clare."


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