It combines the precision and perfection of French patisserie techniques with impeccable English charm and style.

Branding for Cake Designer Website Suzanne Mills


“Clare and Louise have created a Brand Blueprint for me which has exceeded all expectations. Their attention to detail is inspiring. They really understood what I was looking to achieve and I can’t wait to see it all come alive.” Suzanne Mills


Branding for Cake Designer Website Suzanne MillsBranding for Cake Designer Website Suzanne Mills


Suzanne has been an absolute delight to work with, and we have loved every minute of the journey we have been on together.

We began by helping Suzanne to reposition her business. Her passion is for creating exquisite sugar work flowers, and she is extremely skilled at it (she qualified at the Cordon Bleu School of Cookery), so we put this at the heart of her business. It was the combination of this French flair with Suzanne's classic English charm which gave us the idea for the English Patissier concept.

Next we helped Suzanne refine and rename her designs into three cohesive collections that showcased the best of her work and supported the brand positioning, We were quite brutal about removing designs that she didn't like or enjoy making, or were diluting the strength of her offering.

We decided to rename the business from Jess Hill Cakes to Suzanne Mills. Renaming is always a big step, but we felt her work should bear the hallmark of her name. We then wrote a Brand Blueprint which captured the values and personality of the brand for our photographer and web developer.

The next step was to write the photography brief. We worked closely with brand photographer Suzannah Ginders who helped develop the ideas and captured Suzanne's designs beautifully in a range of clear product shots on simple backgrounds, as well as the dramatic and mouthwatering tablescapes for each collection.

We went on to carefully plan the website, working out the structure and the content required, and designer and developer Becky Lord used this along with the Brand Blueprint to design Suzanne's new visual identity and build the website.

Meanwhile, we were busy naming the new collections and writing all the accompanying copy for the website.

This has been one of the most dramatic brand makeovers we have worked on, and we are thrilled to see the results after many months of hard work. Suzanne has a truly remarkable product (her sugar flowers have to be seen to be believed) and now she has the brand that she has always deserved.


“Brand Positioning | Renaming | Website Planning | Website Copywriting | Photography Brief”


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