“A wonderful wordsmith who organised our information and our copywriting.” SYREN INSIGHTS


Emma and Amanda run a successful insight agency. Their clients are famous global businesses like NBC Universal and Diageo and the brands they work on are household names.

They knew their own brand messaging and copy needed tightening up, but they didn't have the time to work on it themselves, and they also felt that there would be value in having an external pair of eyes on the job. So they asked me.

I began by creating a plan for their new website which flipped the script and reframed their messaging from the client perspective. Instead of talking about the services we offered, we used Syren's impressive case studies to demonstrate the benefit to a client. We framed the case studies around the most common problems that Syren clients are trying to solve, so that it was easy for them to recognise the solution when they saw it.

I defined a brand voice which was outward looking and forward thinking. Vocabulary used was dynamic with words like leading, driven and action. We repositioned the blog and its content, and I wrote a series of blog posts based on an exciting new piece of research that Syren has completed.

The website plan and copy was handed over to the website designer, Frances at The Utility Studio, who built the beautiful new site.

With the website in hand, I re-wrote Syren's credentials document to bring it in line with the new messaging.


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