I love it!  You are brilliant.




Writing about yourself is tricky, and even writers struggle to find the words to promote themselves objectively.

That’s why author and professional organiser Rebecca Patterson asked me to write the promotional synopsis or ‘blurb’ for her new book which has hit the shelves this week.

The Nest Planner helps expecting parents create beautiful order from the volume of stuff that engulfs a home when a baby arrives. It has plenty of clever, practical hacks and a positive, upbeat tone. Personally I love a nice tidy drawer so I was thrilled to read this entertaining book and sum up what makes it so awesome.

My writing appears on the back cover of the book, and also in press releases and media coverage.

Just like with a brand, the writing needed to capture the magic in a few short paragraphs, and create excitement and connection with readers. Using terms like “warm, witty and non-judgemental” and “like a kind and knowledgeable best friend” sets the tone for Rebecca’s down-to-earth and approachable style.

Even though my babies are big enough to make me a cup of tea and some marmite toast now, the book had me mucking out cupboards all through the summer holidays. I sent before and after videos to Rebecca who was both horrified and and impressed in that order. I aim to please.


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