“Sometimes it is difficult to get others to understand your vision, but working with Clare has been the best investment for my business. My brand blueprint has been the perfect resource to fall back on when I am looking for some much-needed direction.  Most of all she is so patient and has really helped me to get my brand and website to where it needs to be.”

Victoria Hall



Victoria Hall is more at home in the colourful world of the creative entrepreneur than in a stuffy lawyers' office, so I helped her reposition her intellectual property business from dry and corporate to creative and accessible.

Victoria works in an affordable, practical and thoroughly modern way, so we wanted to communicate this to her target market of designers, artists and creatives. We also wanted to stress that getting to grips with intellectual property will harness the value in a creative business, and shouldn't be just an afterthought or for when things go wrong.

We came up with the concept of IP Wellbeing - a healthy and rounded approach to IP - and then structured her services around different types of creative business and their specific needs. For example fashion designers need to protect their work from being copied, but graphic designers may need help with copyright assignment or client contracts.

I planned the structure and content for a new website, and then wrote the copy in Victoria's friendly and clear tone of voice.

Visit the site and I hope you'll agree that Victoria Hall IP stands out as a intellectual property consultant who understands your type of business.


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