The exciting thing about this project was the opportunity to change established perceptions about living on a house boat. I have to admit, like many people, I associated river living with pootling around on a Rosie & Jim style barge covered in pots of geraniums.

Waterspace Living couldn't be more different.

The boats are wide, luxuriously designed and appointed, and moored in highly desirable locations with vibrant city living on the doorstep.

I worked hand in hand with Alilia Studio, who designed the visual identity and website for Waterspace Living, to create a website that grabs the attention of design-conscious home buyers. My copy positions the brand as an alternative to a luxury waterside apartment, and systematically breaks down any potential barriers that might make buyers feel that they needed boating experience to live in one of these luxury homes.

Our strapline appeals to broad-minded buyers who have an appetite for out-of-the-ordinary:

NEW HOME, NEW PERSPECTIVE See life differently

"Perfectly pitched. I knew you would nail it." SAM, ALILIA STUDIO


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