Willo Remedies


Willo is a new brand of CBD products. The business launched in 2020 with an oil, a bath bomb and a balm, and founder Will had a really clear vision: to provide relief to those who need it, without compromising on quality, using 100% natural products.

Will asked me to write the copy for his new website. As the CBD market is relatively young and the brand is new, we needed to identify the core message, and then communicate the benefits of the products clearly to an audience who may not have previously considered using them.

We built the copy around a core message of Feel Better Today.

The beauty of the products is that they can have a positive and immediate effect on mind and body, and the act of self-care involved in using the products will also reap benefits. To push this idea further, we can empower customers to feel better today, right now, in this moment. It’s a philosophy which is simple, accessible and joyful, and allows us to speak to Willo customers at a level that goes beyond the function of the products.

"Clare captured the essence of my brand in a heartbeat, and intuitively formulated my brand's language. I was very particular about what I wanted, even though I was not very clear in describing this, and Clare managed to create a beautiful summary of what my brand is all about." WILL MILLAR


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